Second Quarter 2009 Panama teak Forestry Newsletter

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Second Quarter 2009 Panama teak Forestry Newsletter

Postby ptfnews » Sat Dec 12, 2009 3:39 pm

We focused on maximizing our timber yields through work in the plantations during this wet season. We did a small nursery to produce planting root stock that will be used next year. This method of planting will give a higher growth rate during the first year the trees are planted. The planting stock will also be ready as soon as the wet season starts next year. Timber is still proving to be one of the best investments, adding an element of safety to any portfolio during hard economic times. Panama Teak forestry has maintained a solid company with 0 financial liabilities. Now is a great time to expand our operation as the prices of land have softened a bit, although Panama’s real estate market has not been affected much during this world economic slowdown. Agriculture land in general is the one real estate sector worldwide that has held its value very well over the last couple of years. The simple fact that demand for Argo-forestry products is not going away as it provides for basic human needs and productivity of land both in overall production and value of production is going up as new overall management techniques are being implemented in the agro forestry industry. Over the next few years we will be bringing in new investors that are looking for a safe steady return over time. I feel that additional opportunities will be coming up for expansion of our holdings of a very profitable long term asset- quality raw agriculture land, and we are in a good position to maximize the use and production of these lands. We want to be in a position to take advantage of these opportunities. Feel free to contact us for investment opportunities.

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