Financial Profile

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Panama Teak Forestry currently holds 700 hectares (about 1730 acres) of land. Over 500 hectares (approximately 1236 acres) are planted in teak. This quantity of teak is currently worth about 50 million dollars on a bulk sale, open market basis. The value of our company´s holdings increases every month, as the well-tended trees continue to grow and teak prices rise.

The company has an experienced timber management team and robust infrastructure, including all the equipment and facilities needed to maintain our timber properties for maximum return to shareholders. Our holdings include a sawmill, a kiln, lumber storage facilities, employee housing, tractors, trucks, and other equipment needed to manage our timber properties from planting through processing.

Panama Teak Forestry´s market cap is currently at $ 59,642,008.00. We have 18,946 shares outstanding, with a current value of $3,148.00 per share.

Our company has no liabilities and zero debt, which is one of the keys to its future profitability. Even in these challenging economic times, Panama Teak Forestry´s management team is able to invest the new funding we receive into planting more trees, improving our infrastructure, and streamlining our already successful land management system rather than paying interest on loans.

Since Panama Teak Forestry´s founding in 2005, the value of its shares (conservatively calculated and backed by tangible assets) has increased every year.