Panama Teak Forestry is a vertically integrated company structured to maximize investor returns while helping to preserve the world´s tropical forests. To become a shareholder in this profitable, ecologically responsible company, please contact us at

Timber Production

Unlike timber companies that just sell logs on a predetermined harvest date, Panama Teak Forestry manages its timber assets through the full production cycle. Our experienced managers select suitable land and then supervise the preparation of the soil, the planting and management of the trees, and the staged harvest of the mature timber.

Workers with Tractor
Mill worker with board

Because we have our own kiln and mill, we can produce high-quality, cut-to-spec lumber. Milled and kiln-dried lumber can be sold for three times the price of logs or it can be made into furniture, adding even more value to the finished product.

Panama Teak Forestry minimizes costs and maximizes profits by controlling the entire production process, from the planting of seedlings through the sale of processed lumber and furniture to the world market. This eliminates the inefficiencies, quality control problems, and “middleman" expenses built into the typical lumber production cycle.

Sustainable Livestock and Crop Production

Panama Teak Forestry also brings a vertically integrated approach to the management of our properties. We practice holistic agro-forestry, a whole land management strategy in which timber, crops, and livestock such as cattle and sheep are all produced on the company´s properties. The goal is to maximize the productive value of the land while reducing erosion and improving overall soil health.

Ecological Preservation

Panama Teak Forestry has set aside more than 10% of its land as a protected tropical jungle. We have created biological corridors along rivers and streams and in ecologically sensitive areas to protect wetlands and Mangalore jungle areas. Our goal is to increase the biodiversity of the land under our management, providing watershed protection and animal habitat.

The tabs above will take you on a journey through our timber properties, mill, agroforestry development programs, and jungle preserves. As we say in Panama, bienvenidos!

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