Investment Opportunities

For information on share availability, contact company president Jeff Duda by email ( or by phone: 702 505-4494 (U.S.) or +507 6070-2048 (Panama).

Why Choose Panama Teak Forestry as a Timber Investment?

Low Minimum Investment, Outstanding ROI

The minimum investment in Panama Teak Forestry is 5 shares. Current share price is $3,068.00. The price of shares will increase monthly as our teak stands become ready for staged thinning and final harvest.

Our current stock offering will be used to finance the purchase and planting of additional teak property. Overall cost per hectare for the land, planting, and management through a complete harvest cycle (25 years) is estimated at $14,000 per hectare.

Company Holdings

Panama Teak Forestry owns 700 hectares (approximately 1,750) acres of land and timber concessions:

In addition to its land and trees, Panama Teak Forestry holds these assets:

Panama Teak Forestry has no liabilities and zero debt.

Special Note for Large Investors

Large stock purchases will provide outstanding returns over time, but producing high-quality stands of teak that command top prices at maturity requires patience and a steady infusion of capital. Tropical timber is a long-term investment. Large investors (over $1 million) should contact us to design a sound investment plan. Staged investments of $10 million or more can be tailored to meet shareholder requirements.