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Sona Valley

The Sona Valley project consists of 291 hectares of prime property in the Sona Valley agricultural area. The project has an excellent location, with abundant water. When Panama Teak Forestry purchased the property in 2006, it contained 15 hectares of cedro espino that was planted in 1995. Also known as red cedar or spiny cedar due to its thorny bark, cedro espino is a pest-resistant, lightweight wood that is popular in furniture making and interior finishes.

In 2008 Panama Teak Forestry planted 200 hectares of teak at Sona Valley, which is showing excellent growth. 46 hectares of the Sona Valley property have been set aside as protected areas.  They are being restored to their original jungle state, providing ecological corridors throughout the property to enhance its biodiversity.  A small portion of the remaining 30 hectares is dedicated to infrastructure (roads and staff housing), with the remaining land used for cattle pasture.