Investment Opportunities

For information on the availability of Panama Teak Forestry Shares, contact company president Jeff Duda by email ( or by phone or WhatsApp: +507 6070-2048 (Panama).

New Investors

Thank you for your interest in Panama Teak Forestry Shares to hold tropical timber investments.

Panama Teak Forestry has over 500 hectares of established teak plantation and will start harvesting mature teak after the year 2030  We also have access to concessions from the Ministerio de Ambiente de Panama (Panama Environmental Ministry) to extract old growth trees under Lake Bayano. Working with the Embera indigenous people and extraction and timber processing for other local teak plantation owners.

Our 20-plus-year-old company has approximately 100 investors from all over the world who share a common interest in growing the return of their investments, supporting healthy communities, and caring for our planet while being invested in a debt-free stable company that owns land and growing timber as well as a mill that will maximize the value of the timber at harvest time.

Here at Panama Teak Forestry, we are looking forward to hearing from you and sending you further information if you would like to be invested in a stable timber asset-based company in Panama. Long-term stable value growth is our goal.   There is the opportunity to purchase Panama Teak Forestry Shares and own part of a private timber investment company.