Investment Opportunities

For information on share availability, contact company president Jeff Duda by email ( or by phone: 702 505-4494 (U.S.) or +507 6070-2048 (Panama).

New Investors

Thank you for your interest in Panama Teak Forestry tropical timber investments.

Panama Teak Forestry has completed a successful concession agreement with the Ministerio de Ambiente de Panama (Panama Environmental Ministry) to extract old growth trees under Lake Bayano.

We are currently seeking funding for the underwater logging project of the Embera indigenous people. Panama Teak Forestry is launching a 10-year extraction of rare wood in Eastern Panama. We will not be receiving further investment in 2017 after this goal is achieved.

Our 12-year-old company has approximately 100 investors from all over the world who share a common interest in growing a return of their investments, supporting healthy communities and caring for our planet.

Here at Panama Teak Forestry we are looking forward to hearing from you and sending you further information.