Company Profile

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To be sustainable, a company must be profitable. Panama Teak Forestry makes money for its investors, returning an extremely competitive annualized yield. But to be truly successful, an enterprise must provide a return on investment that extends well beyond the numbers on a P&L statement.

Beyond the Balance Sheet

Panama Teak Forestry is a green investment. Our holistic agro-forestry approach to land management offers these environmental benefits:

Socially Responsible

Panama Teak Forestry brings new opportunities to rural communities of Panama, improving the lives of working families. We provide forestry and mill jobs in areas which previously offered few employment opportunities. Our labor force works closely with the company's forestry engineers to maintain Panama Teak Forestry's timber and livestock and to restore non-arable areas to a natural state.

Our managers are educating Panama Teak Forestry´s work force about the problems caused by traditional "slash and burn" practices and demonstrating more ecologically responsible methods of silviculture and agriculture. Our employees are sharing these new techniques for sustainable and profitable land management with their families and neighbors, bringing an increased awareness to the larger community.

Panama Teak Forestry is committed to healthy growth. It benefits our community as well as our company.