Panama Teak Forestry is a vertically integrated company structured to maximize investor returns while helping to preserve the world´s tropical forests. To become a shareholder in this profitable, ecologically responsible company, please contact us at

Reforestation Projects

Panama Teak Forestry currently owns and manages six forestry projects throughout the fertile Sona Valley area of Panama, near the city of Santiago. Our holdings comprise 564 hectares (about 1356 acres) planted in timber.

Year Planted Number of Hectares Type of Timber
1998 15 Cedro espino (spiny cedar)
1999 66 Teak
2002 43 Teak
2006 200 Teak
2008 200 Teak
2010 40 Teak

The 136 hectares not planted in timber are used for livestock or have been restored to their natural state to increase the biodiversity of Panama Teak Forestry´s land holdings.

Because Panama Teak Forestry is always open to expansion, our forestry engineers regularly inspect both uncultivated land and existing forestry projects in their search for suitable property. We look for exceptional opportunities to acquire up to 200 hectares per year, to further diversify the age of our timber holdings and to provide a steady source of logs for the company´s mill. But we are not focused on growth at all cost we are focused on building value over time. When things line up with that goal we will embrace solid value based growth.