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Sona 1

The Sona 1 project is located in the hills of the fertile Veraguas Valley, just two miles from the Pacific beach area of Playa Banco and close to the island of Coiba. Coiba National Park, which is considered by many to be one of the ten top diving spots in the world, is home to the second largest coral reef in the eastern Pacific. The value of the Sona 1 property is expected to rise significantly, not only because of the rapid growth of its high-quality teak but also due to increased demand for large ocean-view properties as the area around Coiba Island is developed for ecotourism.

Sona 1 contains 33 hectares of teak planted in 2001. Some of the larger native trees have been preserved to enhance the land’s biodiversity and to provide habitat for area wildlife. This project is certified by ANAM (Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente), Panama’s environmental protection agency. Sona 1 is managed by Panama Forestry, a fully licensed and certified reforestation company that is owned by Panama Teak Forestry.

Sona 1 Teak Plantation Sona 1 Teak Plantation

     Photo of the road to the property and Playa Banco, taken in 2005                              Photo at the same location, taken in 2010

Sona 1 Teak Plantation     Sona 1 Teak Plantation

Sona 1 Teak Plantation

View of the Pacific Ocean from the Sona 1 project

Sona 1 Teak Plantation

Playa Banco beach, 2 miles from the Sona 1 project


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