Teak Information

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Teak and Tropical Hardwood Sales

Panama Teak Forestry is a direct buyer and supplier of teak and timber products. With our own mill, Panama Teak Forestry can supply kiln dried teak, timber products, and tropical hardwoods direct from the plantation, from logs to finished wood products. With strategic international partners, timber concessions and an international timber trading network, Panama Teak Forestry can offer a lot more than just kiln dried teak. Panama Teak Forestry has access to large tropical timber concessions in conjunction with its partner Timber Resource Management. Panama Teak Forestry can supply teak and hardwood flooring, decking and other tropical wood products as well as teak lumber, teak paneling, teak flooring and other teak products for sale.  Panama Teak Forestry also offers plantation management services and is a direct buyer of teak and teak plantations as well as teak brokering services.  Plantation thinning services tailored to the needs of the plantation owner.