Articles and Information on Teak and Timber Investing

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Described by some as a “precious wood,” teak is the highest yield timber investment available. As a niche timber market, representing too small a market for most large institutional investors, teak is an excellent timber holding for investors in the $10K to $1 million range.

Below are links to articles providing more information on the hows and whys of timber investment. The introductory paragraphs were written by Jeff Duda, President of Panama Teak Forestry. Jeff has also added some notes within the articles, preceded by "Editor´s note Jeff Duda PTF” to identify the notes as his comments.

Timber Investment Leader Known for Top Quality and Value by Wall Street Market Research

Following more than a year of research into Panamaás economy and business opportunities, Wall Street Market Research has published its first report on Panamá.One of the featured articles is on Panama Teak Forestry and its president, Jeff Duda.

Timber the Ultimate Growth Investment by Moneyweek editor Merryn Somerset Webb

Throughout the recent economic downturn, values of investments in many sectors have shrunk, but trees just keep growing.  This has made the stock prices of timber companies more attractive. Small timber companies and companies producing specialty wood such as teak can outperform the timber giants by over 2 to 1 in both value growth and dividend yields. These smaller specialty timber companies are excellent vehicles for individual investors and are especially suitable for self-directed IRA investments with companies such as entrust.

Evaluating Teak and Timber Investments by Jeff Duda President of Panama Teak Forestry

Timber is one of the best long-term investments available. But knowing how and where to invest is critical to obtaining the maximum benefits from these types of investments. This article explores how to evaluate timber investments, particularly investments in teak.

Should Timber Be Part of Your Portfolio? By Grant Glessing, RPF

Timber and timberland have traditionally been investment vehicles for large institutional investors because of the amount of capital required. However, there are excellent opportunities in today’s timber and timberland investment marketplace for smaller retail investors. In this article, Grant Glessing answers some of the most frequently asked questions about timber investments and describes the benefits they offer to individual investors.

Smart Money Buys Timber Investments

This article by Paul Stum from SmartMoney Magazine outlines some of the long-term benefits of timber investments. Extensive academic research indicates that timber is an outstanding investment asset. Examining the time value of money, the author concludes that timber offers outstanding value compared to most other investments.