Timber Investment Leader Known for Top Quality and Value

By Wall Street Market Research

Timber is one of the safest steadygrowth sector opportunities available in the market today. Panama’s tropical climate and its economic and geopolitical position in international trade, transportation, and shipping makes it uniquely well suited for the development of sustainable tropical timber plantations. The production of high value tropical timbers such as teak in Panama offers investors excellent returns with minimal risk.

Established in 2004 by Jeff Duda and two Forestry Knowledgeable partners, Panama Teak Forestry produces sustainable forest products using environmentally friendly methods. The Panama Teak Forestry management team has structured the company to enable individuals to invest directly in a timber company in an industry that is typically accessible only through institutional investment firms.

Panama Teak Forestry, one of the fastest growing tropical hardwood companies in Panama, offers investors:

New investment from the retail sector has enabled Panama Teak Forestry to plant additional trees as the company´s existing holdings mature. The resulting multi-aged timber plantations will produce a steady supply of high quality teak lumber each year.

Panama Teak Forestry is also building facilities to produce cut and kiln-dried lumber. Maximizing yeilds and maintaining product quality by controlling timber production from planting through the sale of finished lumber will increase the company´s return on investment significantly. The value growth of Panama Teak Forestry´s share price is currently based solely on tree growth. The company´s 12% internal rate of return (IRR) to investors does not yet reflect the anticipated added value of producing milled, kiln-dried lumber, as more timber matures from the plantations that the company owns.

Panama Teak Forestry´s managment feels that in a long-term growth industry such as timber it is much safer for the company to be fully capitalized at all times; Panama Teak Forestry has zero debt liability. The company is structured and managed to serve investors looking for safe, steady yields over the long term.

Jeff Duda, President and CEO of Panama Teak Forestry, has served for many years as an asset manager for the real estate and international timber industries. He first came to Panama in 1980, passing through the canal while serving in the U.S. Merchant Marines. Returning to Panama in 2001, Jeff established Panama Casa Services, a firm recognized as one of Panama´s leading real estate enterprises, managing short and long term residential and commercial real estate.