Teak Information

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Spacing Thinning and Prunning

In the past much teak was planted with relatively wide spacing of 3 x 4 m (830 plants), 3.5 x 3.5 m or 3 x 3.5 m to test the different sites. Since then the spacing has been reduced to 3 x 3 m (1,100 plants) so as to obtain straight boles without abundant branching. Spacing of 2 x 2 m or 2 x 3 m or up to 1,600 trees per hectare has not been found to add any benifits. Spacing is modified, based on variability in site conditions.

Pruning has also been intensified; it is now begun after the second year. Trees are pruned up to 6 m or two-thirds of the stem height. The objective is the production of high-quality timber, knot- free on the lower part - not biomass without commercial value.